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Grant Committee Applicant Guide

The Unlock UDT Grants Committee is a group of six community members who contribute to the Unlock ecosystem by reviewing grant applications and scoring those applications based on our “Grant Review Guide.” Grant reviews typically take a time commitment of 1-2 hours a month.

The committee members also evaluate the grants program and make proposals for changes, which the community then votes on. For example, this could include proposals to manage growth including the size of the committee or recognition of its members.

Before applying, please review the details of the responsibilities required in the “Grant Committee Handbook”.

Applications for the grant committee are taken continuously but are only sent to the community for a vote when a spot on the committee opens up.

Grant Committee members are not compensated. However, other community members may choose to nominate them for retroactive funding rewards or other types of community recognition.

Minimum Requirements for Grant Committee Members

  • Be an active member of the Unlock community. While there’s no firm minimum level of activity, we would expect Grant Committee members to participate in at least a few activities a month such as communicating with community members, amplifying Unlock Protocol on social media channels, working on coding projects, participating in governance, or even educating others about Unlock in other spaces. (It’s tough to thoughtfully evaluate grant applications if you don’t know the community!)
  • Be an “Unlock Member” — that is, you hold an Unlock membership token. You can get Unlock Member tokens for free from the Unlock Protocol website or by visiting the Discord server and clicking the “Unlock Discord” button in the lobby.
  • Hold any amount of UDT governance tokens. You can get UDT tokens the following ways:
    • Earn UDT tokens by making community contributions and getting nominated and receiving some portion of retroactive funding awards
    • Be awarded tokens through one of our grants programs
    • Buy UDT tokens from an exchange like Uniswap
  • Have a good understanding of how Unlock Protocol works at a conceptual level (a deep technical background is not required, however).

Based on the above, are you interested in applying to be a member of the Grant Committee? Here’s how to do it!

Applying for the Grant Committee

If you are interested in joining the Grant Committee and you meet the above requirements, please apply for Grant Committee consideration by making a proposal in Wonderverse, a DAO management tool used by Unlock (instructions below).

Submitting a Proposal to Join the Grant Committee

Head over to the “UDT Grants” section in the Unlock Protocol Wonderverse workspace.

Click on the large plus sign in the upper right-hand corner.

grant committee application wonderverse screenshot

When prompted click “Proposal”

grant committee application wonderverse screenshot

Click on “Select Template” > “Open existing template”

grant committee application wonderverse screenshot

Select the template for “Grant Committee Applicant Proposal”

grant committee application wonderverse screenshot

Fill out the information as outlined in the template, be sure to leave the visibility as “Public” and then click “Create Proposal”.

grant committee application wonderverse screenshot

Once your proposal is completed, the Grants Administrator will review it for completeness. If more information is requested, the proposal will be returned with comments and you will be requested to provide additional information.

Once the proposal is complete, the Grants Administrator will submit the proposal to Snapshot, a tool utilized by Unlock DAO for voting on community proposals. Voting lasts one week.

At the end of the week if the vote passes by a 50% majority vote then congratulations! You are now a member of the Unlock Protocol Grants Committee!

If you are denied the first time you apply, we encourage you to read the comments in the vote or on the proposal in Wonderverse to find out why. If lack of experience or participation is the issue, both of those things can be remedied and the team can help you get more involved in the Unlock Protocol ecosystem and we encourage you to reapply for consideration.

Serving on the grants committee is a great way to get involved in the Unlock community in a meaningful way. We need community members who care about fostering the right kind of building on Unlock Protocol and are looking to be responsible stewards of the power given to them by our voting membership. We’re excited that you are considering joining the grants committee and look forward to receiving your application!