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Unlock w/o Front-End

Unlock is a on-chain protocol: the smart contracts are collectively governed and any application can interract with them.

The Unlock Labs team, as promoters of the protocol, have built multiple tools and applications to simplify interractions with the smart contracts, including subgraphs, a checkout UI, or the credit card gateway. However, these are completely optional, and can very well skipped entirely when building applications that integrate Unlock.

For example, this application uses the Wagmi framework to let users deploy new lock contracts, or purchase memberships from existing contracts without using any of the Unlock tools.

The Core Protocol section includes all documentation needed to build applications without using any of the tools built by the Unlock Labs team. We also provide a tutorial on how to use the Ethers.js library to interract with the contracts directly, and similar libraries in JavaScript or other languages can be used.