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Unlock Protocol has an app, most people are familiar with the Dashboard, Members and Keychain portions, but that app has an endpoint called checkout which accepts a configuration object as params and returns a custom configured checkout experience.

The experience

This experience can also be used in a few different ways:

  1. Stand-alone as a link you distribute to your members via email, Discord, etc. for minting your membership/ticket/credential NFT
  2. Embedded in your website directly
  3. In combination with the Paywall our javascript library which is a thin wrapper around the checkout and Unlock APIs


There are two places you can experience what that looks like without having to write any code or configure your own URL.

We use it on our homepage so people can get an Unlock Membership and get members-only access in our Discord server.

unlock homepage membership button

From the Unlock Dashboard. After you deploy your first "Lock" and the transaction has been confirmed then you can click on the "demo" button and that will pull up an example webpage with the checkout embedded based on the default configuration and using the information from your lock.

unlock dashboard demo button