Unlock DAO
The Unlock Protocol is a public good aimed at being governed by a DAO of its users and developers.
The Unlock DAO uses OpenZeppelin's governance contracts and can be found at these addresses:
  • Governor Contract (0x7757f7f21f5fa9b1fd168642b79416051cd0bb94): where proposals and votes are handled
  • TimeLock Contract (0x17eedfb0a6e6e06e95b3a1f928dc4024240bc76b): where proposals are executed and funds are managed.
We recommend the use of Tally's front-end application to delegate votes, submit proposals as well as vote on the proposals previously submitted.

Initial settings

The governor contract has been configured with the following initial characteristics:
  • Anyone can submit a proposal (no ownership threshold)
  • Voting length: 8 days
  • Quorum: 15,000 votes (current supply owned by the community is around 45,000 tokens)
  • Time lock duration: 7 days.
All of these settings can be changed by the community thru a proposal.

Allocated funds

As part of the launch of the DAO, Unlock Inc. has allocated the following to the Time Lock contract (which manages the funds of the DAO):
  • 5,000 UDT available immediately (tx1, tx2)
  • 95,000 UDT streamed over 1 year (sablier)
  • 170.23 Uniswap Liquidity Provider tokens from the UDT/Eth pool (tx1, tx2)

Next steps

Unlock Inc. will allocate more funds to the DAO as well as transfer ownership of some of its processes, including our grants program!
We will also eventually move ownership of the Unlock contracts and its upgrade admin contract.
Last modified 10d ago