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Description: get specific details of the lock

idIDUnique ID for the Lock object (uses the lock address).
addressBytesAddress of the lock.
nameStringA descriptive name for a collection of NFTs in this contract.
symbolStringToken symbol.
expirationDurationBigIntDuration is set the on the lock when you deploy and the expiration which is set on each key when they are minted.
tokenAddressBytesAddress of the 'currency' ERC20 contract if the keys are priced using an ERC20.
priceBigIntPrice of the keys sold the lock.
lockManagers[Bytes]An assigned role set on a Lock contract which gives the highest level of permissions to the wallet address set to that role.
versionBigIntUnlock Protocol version of a "minting contract".
totalKeysBigIntThe number of keys owned by keyOwner (expired or not).
maxNumberOfKeysBigIntMaximum number of keys for sale.
mayKeyPerAddressBigIntThe maximum number of keys allowed for a single address.
keysKeyRefer to key entity.
createdAtBlockBigIntWhich block the lock was created.
lastKeyMintedAtBigIntThe timestamp of the block in which the last key was minted.


Description: get specific details of the Key

idIDUnique identifier for a key (combination of lock address and token id.)
lockLockIn the Unlock ecosystem, a “Lock” is a smart contract that creates (or “mints”) NFTs.
tokenIdBigIntTokenId for a given key.
ownerBytesThe address of the key owner.
managerBytesAn assigned title set on an Unlock key which gives a specific wallet address authorization to transfer, share or cancel.
expirationBigIntTime the key expires.
tokenURIStringThe tokenURI on an NFT is a unique identifier.
createdAtBlockBigIntBlock key was created.
cancelledBooleanInvoked by a Lock manager to expire the user's key and perform a refund and cancellation.


Description: get specific details of the Daily Data Unlock

idIDDay id based on number of days since in Unix Epoch.
lockDeployedBigIntNumber of locks deployed on that day.
keysSoldBigIntDaily number of keys sold.
activeLocks[Bytes]Daily number of active locks.
grossNetworkProductBigIntTotal value exchanged on the network.


Description: get specific details of LockStats

idIDTransaction hash.
totalLocksDeployedBigIntTotal number of locks deployed.
totalKeysSoldBigIntTotal number of keys sold.