Discord with Swordy Bot

Swordy Bot

Swordy Bot allows you to give access to Discord private channels by assigning a role to a user that has an Unlock Key (NFT). Once installed the plugin communicates via private chat with your server members and sends them to a website where they can verify key ownership.

Swordy Bot Website | Created by Patrick Gallagher | Blog Post


  1. Install Swordy Bot: Add the bot to your server at swordybot.com (or via this link)

  2. Create and Add Role: Next you need to create a role that Swordy Bot can assign to Lock Members and permission a channel by adding that role to it.

  3. Add Lock to Server: Add the lock and role parameters to your channel via the !add-lock command. Below the syntax (omit the <> brackets but ensure to use " " on the role name) and an example command.

!add-lock <chain ID> <contract address> <required balance> <"role name"> <purchase url (optional)>
!add-lock 100 0xef6389F33ac557405C961030Efcc3b1CE3e6bc17 1 "subscriber" https://unlock-integration.webflow.io/

Onboard Users

Users can get access by using the !unlock command. They will receive a private message from Swordy Bot asking them to follow a unique link to a page where they can connect with either metamask or walletconnect. Once thats successful they will receive another message confirming their member ship and the member only channel will be visible.