I want my membership price to remain stable. How can I do it?

Unlock lets you pick the price, but also the currency used by your membership. This means that you can, for example, use a stable coin such as DAI or USDC to have a price-stable in $.
Alternatively, you can change the price of your lock at any point if you need to maintain relative stability, but make sure you do not choose a highly volatile currency.
Finally, you could also leverage your lock's "hook" capabilities to alter the price of the key, but that is generally considered a lot harder to implement (and would require the help of a developer)

How to share ownership of the lock

As a creator, you may want to share the ownership of your lock with other people (other creators, employees, partners... etc). For this, you should leverage the "lock manager" role. You can grant this role using a block explorer.
Last modified 3mo ago